The Black Praetorians

lord_balen_by_nemanja_s-d6y3w1g.jpg The Watchers against the darkness, the light in the dark. The Black Praetorian’s are an organization dedicated to eliminating the Scourge. First created during the First Scourge, the first Praetorian’s were Albion drinking Scourge blood to eliminate the Old God commanding the Scourge horde. Over time, the Praetorian’s gained respect and members in its fight against the Dredge. As time went on, and time between the scourge increased, The Praetorian’s influence and power waned. Many in the world believe the Praetorian’s are no longer needed, and the Dredge no longer exist. The headquarters of the Praetorian’s is in Viridian, led by the General of the Black. Countries are led by Commanders of the Black. Most Praetorian have diplomatic immunities and ties forcing recruitment if needed.

Ser Maferin the Black

Long ago during the Second Scourge, the Black Praetorians were searching for respect from the nobility seeking aid and supplies. One of these requests for supplies came from Cidan. The Praetorians needed their best negotiator, Maferin. Upon arriving at the Imperial Palace, he demanded titles that the nobility could respect him as the other Nobles of Cidan respect each other. Ignorant of the treatment of nobility-nobility relationships, Maferin upon entry in the throne room was announced not as an honored guest, but as a joke.

“He arrived in the throne room with his head held high, his black cape billowing behind him, and his head towering over everyone. It was hard not to gasp into laughter. As he walked toward his Imperial Majesty, the crowd cracked. Laughter and snorting echoed in the great chamber as the herald announced this ‘legendary warrior.’ “Announcing to his Imperial Majesty, Ser Maferin The Black!” The crowd descended into chaotic laughter, the nerve of this man to demand titles! He got his, knight of the black we told him. His face pink with embarrassment, his Imperial Majesty looked ready to fall off the Golden Throne! Unable to keep a straight face, his majesty gave him all the supplies and troops he needed. Probably feeling sorry for laughing in his face." – The Account of Comte Addressa Mennark.

The embarrassment rang across Mira, but it stopped becoming a joke as soon as the Second Scourge came across Mira. Soon, every Black Praetorian became known as a “Knight of the Black” a title that soon became an honor.

The Rite

Nothing is as secret as the ritual to become a Black Praetorian. Somewhere in Viridian, in the Black Praetorian headquarters vault lays the recipe, but none but the Knights of the Black know. Inside accounts allowed to the Chancel from Black Praetorian High Command show only blood drinking an important aspect. How the Black Praetorians came across this blood magic is unknown, but all that is known is that the mortality rate is high, and the cost far outweighs the rewards. Becoming a Black Praetorian is a great honor, for being the cost of saving the world.

The Black Praetorians

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