Light Leather
Armor Rating: 3
Armor Penalty: 0
Cost: 15 sp

Heavy Leather
Armor Rating: 4
Armor Penalty: -1
Cost: 30 sp

Light Mail
Armor Rating: 5
Armor Penalty: -2
Cost: 50 sp

Heavy Mail
Armor Rating: 7
Armor Penalty: -3
Cost: 75 sp

Light Plate
Armor Rating: 8
Armor Penalty: -4
Cost: 100 sp

Heavy Plate
Armor Rating: 10
Armor Penalty: -5
Cost: 150 sp

Light Leather Duster
Armor Rating: 3
Armor Penalty: 0
Cost: 15 sp

Tailored Leather Duster
Armor Rating: 4
Armor Penalty: 0
Cost: 15 sp

Lining with Concealed Pockets
+1 to Dexterity (Legerdemain) tests
Cost: 25 sp

Armor Rating: 2
Armor Penalty: 0
Cost: 10 sp

Light Shield
Shield Bonus: +1
Cost: 15 sp

Medium Shield
Shield Bonus: +2
Cost: 30 sp

Heavy Shield
Shield Bonus: +3
Cost: 60 sp

Heavy leather armor: Boiling it in water or wax hardens the leather, which is then fashioned into breast and back plates and shoulder guards. More flexible leather is used for the leggings, gauntlets, and so forth. Some versions are sewn with metal rivets or studs.

Heavy mail armor: Also called chainmail, heavy mail is armor made by interlocking small metal rings to form a mesh. Heavy mail is normally worn over a layer of quilted cloth to make it more comfortable, reduce chafing, and absorb some of the force from blows.

Heavy Plate armor: A full suit of armor favored by knights and lords, plate armor is composed of shaped steel plates fitted over most of the body. The plate is strapped and buckled on over a padded doublet, evenly distributing the weight over the entire body, so it is less restrictive than it might seem. heavy shield: This is the large shield of heavy infantry troops. It is most common on the battlefield, as its use requires the kind of training usually provided only to professional soldiers. Heavy shields can be rectangular or kite shaped.

Light leather armor: Light leather armor is common throughout Mira. Cured and hardened for protection, it is supple enough to be worn like regular clothing. This category also includes hide, quilted, or padded armor.

Light Mail armor: Also known as ring mail, this armor is made of interlocking metal rings worn over hardened leather armor. The rings are bigger than those used to make chainmail, so it is not as effective.

Light Plate armor: Light plate, also known as half-plate, is a full suit of heavy mail with select pieces of plate armored (typically a breastplate and greaves) layered on top.

Light shield: A small shield, sometimes called a target, usually made of wood but sometimes of metal. Light shields are usually round.

Medium shield: The most popular shield amongst warriors, it provides good protection without being ungainly. Medium shields can be rectangular, round, or kite shaped.


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